Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Schedule for the 7th-Annual Conference on Ecstatic Naturalism (Theme: Suffering and Evil in Nature)

Seventh International Congress on Ecstatic Naturalism

2017 Theme: Suffering and Evil in Nature: Asian and American Perspectives

Drew University, Madison, NJ - April 7th and 8th, 2017

Co-chairs: Robert S. Corrington and Jea Sophia Oh

All meals, wine, beer, and coffee will be in Crawford Hall in the Ehinger Student Center.

Friday – April 7th, 2017

Registration Table Open all Day and Tomorrow

Morning Sessions:

9:00-10:10, A Deep Opening of Nothingness
Thomas Millary – “Dwelling With the Deep Ones: Lovecraftian Horror
and the Selving Process“
Theresa Ellis - “Sacrality Denied: Niche Manipulation and the Devastation of Nature”

10:30-11:40, Transforming Suffering to Naturing
Wang-eun Serl – “Comparing Corrington’s Ecstatic Naturalism and Yu
Young-mo’s Philosophy in terms of Suffering and Evil in Nature”
Samantha Lowman – “Gardening in the Desert: Facing Nothingness and
Traversing Trauma for the Sake of a Common World”

11:50-1:00, Othering of Nature and Mother
Katelynn Carver– “Recapturing World-Loyalty: A Relational Response to
Ecological Violence”
Kim, Soo-Yeon, “Nature and the repressed (m)other: re-reading Yu
Yongmo's groundless ground of ‘Byntang’ from the perspective of
ecstatic naturalism”

Lunch 1:00-2:00

Group Photograph 2:00-2:30
(in front of Seminary Hall)

2:40-3:50, Postists and Mother Nature
Choi, Soon-Yang – “Post-human view on ‘woman and nature’: in
comparison with ecstatic naturalism”
Jea Sophia Oh – “No Pain No Gain, Reading Corrington’s Nature and
Nothingness via the Principle of Yin-Yang”

4:10-5:50 – Suffering/Evil in Nature and Korean Culture
Heeyoung Jung – “Suffering/Evil in nature and human being from the
notion of Korean philosophical and cultural perspective”
Son, Moon – “Suffering, Religious Education and Ecstatic Naturalism”
Song, Yong-Seop, “Evil and Salvation through Faith by AI”

5:50-6:00 the announcement of Ralph Waldo Emerson Prize

Dinner 6:00-7:00

Plenary Speaker: Ursula Goodenough 7:30-9:00
9:00-10:30 Refreshments

Saturday April 8th, 2017

Morning Sessions:

9:00-10:10, Pain and Remedy of Nature
Guy Woodward – “No Remedy for Evil“
Park, Iljoon – “Evil as taming sufferings in terms of controlling pain in a
Post-Human Age”

10:25-11:35, Posthuman and Nature
Shin, Ick-Sang, “Posthuman and a Dialectic of Sacrifice”
Lee, Eun-Kyung, “Education for the symbiosis of Humans and Machines
in a Post-Human Age”

11:50-1:00, An Old/New Culture and Nature
Marilynn Lawrence – “A World Without Providence: A Theory of
Immanent Good and Evil”
Jun, Hyun-Shik – “The Post-Human subjectivity and evil in a nature-
culture Continuum”

Lunch 1:00-2:00

2:10-3:20, Reconstructing Suffering of Nature
Park, Ji-Eun, “Rereading Nature and Suffering in the Book of Job”
Elizabeth Erck – “The Reconstitution of Gender: Feminist Backlash as
a Hole in Nature”

3:30-4:40 – Nature Beyond Anthropocene
Joseph E. Harroff, “Redemptive Suffering and Ritual Efficacy in Tian (天)
Anthropomorphism: An Ecstatically Naturalist Reading of Sacred
Selving in Ruist (儒家) Role Ethics”
Robert King - “We have met the enemy, and he is us: The Nature of Evil
and the Evil of Nature in the Anthropocene”


~The End~

Professor Goodenough is a world-renowned researcher in the relation between genetics and evolution. She received her PhD in Biology from Harvard University. For years, she has been on the faculty of Washington University in Saint Louis, and has co-taught an undergraduate course on The Epic of Evolution for non-science majors and graduate courses on microbial biology. Professor Goodenough is working on the life-cycle of flagellated green alga. She is the Past President of the Religious Naturalist Association, an important internet discussion group, and has been elected a Fellow of The American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She identifies herself as a religious naturalist and has written a best-selling book, The Sacred Depths of Nature, noted for its poetic expression of scientific concepts.